Justin Brubaker


Justin Brubaker has been oil painting all of his life. Influenced by the great Impressionists, Justin developed his own style at an early age by emulating their use of light and color.  He studied painting at the School of Visual Arts in NYC under artist Ellsworth Ausby of New York. His work reflects landscapes and seascapes from his various travels to the Outer Cape, Mexico, Southern France, and various locations within the United States. His first painting was sold at the age of 16 entitled, Homage to Monet. It was purchased by the editor of readers Digest Magazine. When not on location painting, Justin is a technologist for a leading software company in Manhattan, applying his creative insight to application concept and interface design.

Justin currently lives in historic Morristown, NJ with his wife Jill and son Quinn.

Artist Statement

“I strive to express the intimacy contained in the landscapes and seascapes I come across. It’s the simple compositions the usually catch my attention and the way that light, form and color are accentuated by Nature’s elements. It’s this power that moves me to paint, to catch a landscape’s emotion. I am not so inclined to record every detail of a scene, but more so the impression or atmosphere of the scene. All of my paintings are oil on canvas. The endeavor to match application and color of this medium to the emotion I hold for a scene is a constant struggle, but it is one that propels me to do more.”