Lubomir Tomaszewski


Tomaszewski’s sculptures represent the best quality of form and great aesthetic subtlety. This is really traditional, original and humanistic art that glorifies nature with its wisdom strength and beauty.

Lubomir Tomaszewski was born in Warsaw,Poland. As the third generation of artists from his mother’s side of the family, Lubomir claims that he learned to draw before he learned to speak. Following the example of his father, who was an engineer and inventor, young Lubomir also became interested in engineering. From this time, he oscillated between art and engineering, until he combined these two fields into designing industrial forms.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, in 1953, Lubomir established himself as one of Poland’s best know product design specialists. He came to the United States in 1966 and became a Professor in the Department of Commercial and Interior Design at the University in Bridgeport, Connecticut. During his  years teaching, he was improving his skills and cultivating his admiration for the traditional values of Fine Arts. Finally, like in the old masters work, he was able to show in his sculptures something metaphoric which makes his work deeply powerful. He was well recognized in the United States in the early 1970’s even though he did not belong to any avant-garde art movement.

His works can be seen in some of the most important private and museum collections in the United States, France, Germany, Japan, and Poland. In one interview in 1994, Helen Barnett, Director of the Carriage Barn Arts Center in Waverly Park, CT, said “If i were to go through the wookds I’s see nothin in it. But Lubomire can take these things and transform them inot art.” Similarly, art critic, Henry Riseman, Director of the NECCA Museum in Brooklyn, said that Tomaszewski is on the the outstanding of the new wave of contemporary sculptures. “His work is unique and one of a kind”.

Private Collections

Laurence Rockefeller
President Jimmy Carter
Museum of Modern Art, NY
Academy of Fine Arts, Poland
Warsaw Art Museum


J. Stacy Rogers


I paint what I call heirloom paintings, portrait, figure and landscape paintings that will be enjoyed down through generations. My only objective is to create paintings of lasting value that will be treasured forever. I am truly blessed to be among the generations of painters who have recorded their time on canvas.

Moving to the fine-art-loving area of New Hope/Lambertville, NJ in ‘05, I have been able to expand my painting opportunities and now my work is in the private collections in four states. My paintings have won significant awards in all of the important regional juried fine art exhibitions including;

2005 76th Phillips’ Mill Juried Show – The Hughes Award
2005 Abington Art Center Annual Juried Show – Award for Technical Merit
2006 Somerset Art Association Members’ Annual Juried Show
2006 Lambertville Historical Society Juried Art Exhibition – Hunterdon County
Cultural & Heritage Commission Award
2006 Artsbridge 12th Annual
56th Tinicum Arts Festival
Hunterdon County Cultural & Heritage Commission Art Exhibition
2007 Lambertville Historical Society Art Exhibition – Coryell Gallery Award
Philadelphia Sketch Club
2007 Artsbridge 13th Annual
2008 Lambertville Historical Society Art Exhibition

Stacy has been producing creative visual imagery all his life starting with oil painting landscapes in my early teens. I went on to gain a BFA in 1971 from the Philadelphia College of Art (now The University of the Arts). I began with a career as an Independent Illustrator, then Graphic Designer, then Creative Director/Owner of an Advertising Agency, then finally to painting portraits with the highest quality of execution and visual distinction.

Christopher McCall


Christopher McCall presents his mastery of the concept of chiaroscuro with a series of beautifully executed florals, reminiscent of the old world masters of the 18th and 19th centuries.  “Chiaroscuro – ‘from the dark into the light’ – bring into focus the particular part of the painting that you want to emphasize.

A native New Yorker, Christopher McCall supported himself as an actor, dancer, and singer in New York and Los Angeles before turning his attention to fine arts.

His theatrical credits include working as a dancer in several Sonny and Cher films and on The Danny Kaye Show, The Red Skelton Show, and at The Hollywood Palace. After completing his studies with Richard Pionk in New York, McCall relocated to Buck County, Pennsylvania, in 1991. His work has been exhibited at the Salmagundi Club and the National Arts Club, both in NYC and he is an active participant in the regional art shows.

Mr. McCall’s paintings have been exhibited Nationally and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Artist Statement

“Basically, my initial intent in approaching my work is to lay down an impression; either of an object or an arrangement of flowers, a single blossom or fruit, in an interesting composition, pleasing to the eye; the challenge being to capture the essence of the object before me and the light in which they are placed.”

“In addition there must be a concept, a goal, my perception of those objects with regard to light, depth or intensity of color; namely, “Chiaroscuro”, a coming from the dark into the light, as inspired by the Masters of the 18th and 19th Centuries.”

Christopher McCall

Pat Martin


Pat Martin, abstract painter, educator, and curator, born in Los Angeles, California, has made the Delaware Valley her home for over the past 40 years.

Pat attended Pasadena City College, UCLA and the Otis Art Institue in Los Angeles. She recieved her B.A. in art and a teacher’s credential from the California State University at L.A. in 1961. Workshops in printmaking and encaustic have enhanced her process.

Teaching has been a constant in Pat’s life. She is now teaching experimental painting techniques at The James A. Michener Museum, Doylestown, PA and at The Arts in Stockton, NJ.  She has curated shows at the Bargeron Gallery, Washington Crossing, PA, and the Riverrun Gallery in Lambertville, NJ. She frequently lectures on modern art and her life in art.

Her education includes:

Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California, 1952-1954
University of California, Los Angeles, California, 1954-1955
Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, California, 1955-1957
California State University, Los Angeles, California, BFA, 1961;
Teacher’s Credential, 1966

Artist’s Statement

“In the beginning stages of painting I work as freely as possible – brainstorming on a visual level. I paint as I once did as an Abstract Expressionist; I may pour paint, use gestural drawing, or move paint around with tools other than brushes. I give myself the freedom to pursue impulses. I do not have a plan for the creation that will eventually emerge. The canvas becomes a field of ideas, a panorama of visual imagery. I draw excitement from the potential of the many passages. Many visual ideas are explored during the process. Most of them will be buried in the later revision but a segment or suggestion remains. It is a give and take process. the painting changes radically as it develops in its many layers.

Gradually, the composition and statement distill into a finished work that. hopefully, has subtlety, power and resolution. I stop working when there is nothing more that I want to change. The content of the work is the result of my thoughts, feelings, and aesthetic judgement as the work progresses. By working in this way I feel I can arrive at solutions that are more original than if preconceived. ”

Pat Martin

Selected Art Exhibits:

James A Michner Art Museum, Doylestown, PA
The Noyes Museum, Oceanville, New Jersey
New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ
Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ
Bucks County Community College Newtown, PA
College of Marin, Marin County, CA
Mercer County Community College, Trenton, NJ
Bristol Myers Squibb, Lawrenceville, NJ
Foundation of Hellenic Culture, NYC, NY
Phillips Mill Art Exhibits, New Hope, PA
Gallery of Fine Arts, Newtown, PA
Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
1999 – Home of Marta Aizenman, Princeton, NJ
1997 – Ann Reid Gallery, Princeton, NJ
1991 – Hunterdon Art Center, Clinton, NJ
1989 – Bargeron Gallery, Washington Crossing PA

Past Awards Include:

1999 – New Hope Chamber of Commerce Award for Outstanding Artist of the Year
1998 – Purchase Prize, James A Michener Museum, New Century Show, New Hope Arts Council, PA
1998 Patron Award for Painting, Phillips Association Exhibit, New Hope, PA
1993/96 – Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sweet Briar, VA
1996 – Adolf and Ester Gottlieb Emergency Grant
1995 – New Hope Chamber of Commerce “Arty” Award for Outstanding Artist of the Year
1993 – First Prize for Painting, Artsbridge, Lambertville, NJ
1991 – First Prize for Painting, Hunterdon Art Center, Clinton, NJ


Colin Hunt


After living and working in Brooklyn, NY for the past fifteen years, Colin Hunt  now resides in Bucks County.  While in New York he received his BFA from the Cooper Union, his MFA from Columbia University and contributed artwork to many gallery shows in Soho and Chelsea including, P.P.O.W., Artists Space, and White Columns amongst others. He was included in the 177th invitational exhibition at the National Academy of Design where he was awarded the Richard Recchia memorial prise for his work. He was accepted at the landmark “Open House” show at the Brooklyn Museum. Colin has also taught drawing at Columbia University.

Artists Statement

“Painting outdoors, my primary occupation these days, is a lot like beachcombing. I set out in the morning, not even sure what it is I’m looking for or even where to find it. I pick a promising horizon and put my nose to the sand. Every painting is a shell and whether it is one that feels smooth in my palm, or whether it is pitted, it is pulled from the surface of the sand. At some point I can’t walk any further down the beach and I have to turn around. With plein air painting, at some point I just have to take a moment. In the very act of choosing I am actually painting what is happening. That Moment, the turning around, is what I want to capture. It is when I throw all the shells I may have collected in my hand back into the ocean and choose this one very special prize. In the end of all this, hopefully I have a painting.”

Colin Hunt

Recent Juried Shows

Prallsville Mill Show, Stockton NJ
Phillips Mill Show, New Hope, PA – 2006 & 2007 Award Winner
Coryell Gallery Annual Juried Show, Lambertville, NJ


Columbia Journal of Literature and Art, “Reinventions”, Issue 31, Winter 1999


FreDorfman, Dorfman Projects, NY

Michael Bloomberg, NY

Normon Dubrow



Justin Brubaker


Justin Brubaker has been oil painting all of his life. Influenced by the great Impressionists, Justin developed his own style at an early age by emulating their use of light and color.  He studied painting at the School of Visual Arts in NYC under artist Ellsworth Ausby of New York. His work reflects landscapes and seascapes from his various travels to the Outer Cape, Mexico, Southern France, and various locations within the United States. His first painting was sold at the age of 16 entitled, Homage to Monet. It was purchased by the editor of readers Digest Magazine. When not on location painting, Justin is a technologist for a leading software company in Manhattan, applying his creative insight to application concept and interface design.

Justin currently lives in historic Morristown, NJ with his wife Jill and son Quinn.

Artist Statement

“I strive to express the intimacy contained in the landscapes and seascapes I come across. It’s the simple compositions the usually catch my attention and the way that light, form and color are accentuated by Nature’s elements. It’s this power that moves me to paint, to catch a landscape’s emotion. I am not so inclined to record every detail of a scene, but more so the impression or atmosphere of the scene. All of my paintings are oil on canvas. The endeavor to match application and color of this medium to the emotion I hold for a scene is a constant struggle, but it is one that propels me to do more.”